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Matsya meaning fish representing the aquatic area of the Hotel Bhadgaon, is one of our other amenities that we offer to our guests. With Nepal’s one of a kind pool and garden side bar it gives a very chilling and relaxing time for any guest at Hotel Bhadgaon. Capable of serving more than 50 guests at once with all the needed palates and drinks of the desire of the guest, the pool bar spans across huge area encouraging special experience. Cocktails and drinks and beers are available according to the desire of our guest will be made available.

If you are lucky enough, time and again we serve and showcase the local way of brewing our own beer locally called Aila i.e., liquor in Newari Language. Live processing along with ingredients and the entire process is presented which harnesses the local specialty of this special type of beer. So special that it was listed as one of the CNN best drinks.

So, with the cold wind caressing the surface tension of the pool, you can enjoy your drinks along the vast expanse and dive deeper into the culture and heritage of Newari community with Cultural Dance and song performances. A poolside to remember for lifetime.