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Hotel Bhadgaon among its amenities, also holds delightful mouth-watering meals throughout the day. It is said in Nepal with Nepali food one might fill his stomach but to fill the heart even hundreds of meals will not give you all the pleasures it holds. Hotel Bhadgaon serves fully Nepali dish from morning to evening when you can enjoy local beer “ Chyang”.

However, to offer the multi cuisine for all the multinational guests we have here in Hotel Bhadgaon, we have Rasoi Indian Cuisine to serve the Indian dishes from breakfast to lunch to dinner. Rasoi in Indian mean Kitchen or a place where meal is prepared in the house. Rasoi is said to hold very religious value in Indian and Nepali culture as well. This importance drafts from the idea that our survival at the end of the day is all where our food comes from and that is Rasoi. Keeping that in mind, along with all the Nepali and Indian dishes our restaurant serves variety of Multi-cuisine, buffet breakfast from 7am to 10 am including traditional Newari hors d’oeuvres and drinks. We can cater up to 100 people at a time in our indoor restaurant or you can enjoy the meal in the balcony of the room with room delivery services. We open our restaurant to all the guest residing in our hotel and asl o to walk-ins with such large capacity of serving at once.