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Hotel Bhadgaon Souvenir Shop

Hotel Bhadgaon with the wishful aim to encourage local products and promote them within national and international tourism is to bring them closer and make transaction happen. Thus comes our Souvenir Shop. It offers small handicrafts from the local producers and manufacturers. Souvenir Shop also promotes Nepali and Tibetan authentic products starting from pottery, garments, handbags, to sculptors, carpets, and many other decorative items. Form identity of Nepali i.e., Dhaka topi and other products to the warmth of handmade Pashmina Shawls, and gold blessed heavenly jewelry and ornaments suitable for all the occasion all are available in the Hotel Bhadgaon Souvenir Shop. While we promote local Newari products like wood crafts, and handcrafts, and sculptors and jwellery, we also promote other Nepali and Tibetan products like Hemp products, Thankas , glass beads, rice paper products, khukuri, singing bowls and so on and so forth.

All these products one way or the other reflect the essence of Nepal and Bhaktapur and it is with this intention that our guest leave us with souvenir and memoirs of their time at our hotel that we intended this souvenir shop.

It is difficult to keep remembering all the times you will spend with us but we assure you that once glance at these souvenirs and we will make you nostalgic about our hospitality, culture and delightful experience that is our country Nepal and our local city Bhaktapur.